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Lessons for Life

“Lessons for Life” are excerpts from the book XPRNZ, which is simply a play of letters to describe all the experiences that I have been sharing about different spiritual topics in all the talks and seminars I have been conducting for more than sixteen years now. From this book came the songs depicting my thoughts about anger, parenting, karma, shopping, sex, self-management and leadership, business, politics, peace and harmony, and the destruction of the world. And from the songs came the videos.


The music videos are especially created for those who are thirsty for something to help them move forward in their spiritual lives. My personal experiences related to each of the topics in these music videos are intended to guide and help people cope with their day-to-day problems, which cause constant doubts, and bouts of sorrow and pain.


I am merely sharing my experiences in these music videos with the sincere hope that people will be able to relate them to their own experiences in different facets, stages, and phases of life, and be able to move on to a much happier, more peaceful, and more prosperous life.


The meditative commentaries in these music videos are more or less generic in nature. It means that most of us experience, in one way or another, how to be angry, how to become a father or mother to our children, how to make ends meet—especially when we are in debt because of bad business decisions and misguided materialism.


We also cannot help sometimes to dip our fingers in politics and become affected by them. We also encounter marital problems. Fears of divorce or separation set in, and we feel threatened and depressed because our children’s welfare and future are at stake.


The music videos aim to help people get out of this web of undesirable complexities by relating, realizing, acknowledging, and accepting the different challenges of life, and helping them look at the brighter and lighter side of each experience.


The mantra of these music videos is to consider that everything that happened in the past, everything that is happening in the present time, and everything that will happen in the future are always good and beneficial if we learn how to look for the lessons, meaning, and essence of each of our individual experiences.

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